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Frequently asked questions

Q: Which payment methods does ExitLag accept?

It is possible to make a payment through the intermediaries PayPal (credit card) and PagSeguro (bank transfer, bank ticket and credit card)

Q: If I buy my ExitLag via a bank ticket will I receive it instantly?

It depends on the time it takes the bank to validate the payment, as a general rule they are validated in 1 work day, that means, your VIP would be credited after 1 day.

Q: I Paid my ExitLag with a credit card, yet I didn't receive it, what do I do?

Please verify if the purchase you made appears as approved by the method of payment, as a general rule you will receive a voucher via e-mail. As soon as the purchase appears as approved, your VIP will be credited automatically.

Q: Can I acquire a VIP with coins from my favorite game?

Please ask the official ExitLag resellers that offer this method of payment. The company ExitLag does not sell VIPs in exchange for fictional currency.

Q: I have made the payment, how long will it take for my VIP to activate?

Your VIP is activated instantly after the payment has been approved.

Q: What is ExitLag for?

ExitLag is a software developed for players by players that optimizes your connection making it stable, decreasing your ping and freeing you from the feared freezes or spikes. Besides optimizing your connection, ExitLag amplifies the performance of your game increasing the frames per second rate with the FPS Boost tool, giving you the best resources for you to take the lead.

Q: ExitLag works with my operating system?

Currently, ExitLag works only on Windows, it is worth noting that the Windows version must be superior to Vista. We are working in order to implement ExitLag on OSX (Mac/Imac) keeping in mind that our software was already developed to be multiplatform.

Q: Does ExitLag work with all games?

You can check the full list of games in the Games tab within our website. We give support to more than 70 games currently, and surely your favorite games is included. :)

Q: How do I add a new game?

You can contact us via Live Chat or through our social networks. The suggested games are analyzed individually and tested in order for you to be able to use the application without any kind of trouble and get a better result.

Q: My internet connection is good, can I still use ExitLag?

Yes, ExitLag helps stabilise your connection and the response time of the player within the game. Many games are hosted outside of their country of origin, ExitLag hooks up your route directly to the game server, optimizing your connection and decreasing your ping.

Q: Will the FPS Boost tool harm the performance of my graphics card?

No, the FPS Boost tool will optimize the video resources of your computer, without interferring directly with the graphics card, making it get a superior framerate, optimizing graphics and increasing its performance.