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As an affiliate, you will earn commissions on sales made through your personalized link and have access to exclusive brand materials to help promote and boost your sales.

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As a content creator, you will receive free ExitLag access and exclusive keys to distribute to your community. You’ll also gain access to exclusive brand materials to help promote ExitLag and engage your audience effectively.


With the Affiliate Marketing Program, you can earn commissions by promoting ExitLag’s Software. Sign up, generate your exclusive link, and start earning income with each new subscription.


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Access the registration page, fill in your details, and create your account. Already have one? Just click here to log in.


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Access the Affiliates area in "My account" and click on the button "Activate affiliate account."


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20% Commission Awaits You

Each new subscription* through your affiliate link guarantees a 20% commission. The more people sign up for ExitLag through your link, the more you earn!

*More information here.


What Our Affiliates Say

Minelli Affiliate

Firstly, the ExitLag affiliate system is remarkably easy to use. The platform was developed with an intuitive interface, which makes navigation and managing affiliate activities straightforward. Even for those who do not have much experience with affiliate programs, the simplicity and clarity of the instructions make the process much smoother. The new ExitLag affiliate system is a very welcome initiative. Its combination of simplicity, accessibility, and a fair commission model makes it an excellent option for anyone interested in affiliate programs. I am very satisfied with this new development and believe that many others will also see the value and opportunities it offers.

TeslaT Content Creator

The partnership and the system are very good! Especially, of course, because it’s a great platform, so it’s easy to recommend to everyone. The fact that we get keys to give away engages my community and helps them. The commission is fantastic, as it encourages us to continue the partnership. The more personal and direct service makes everything more human, less automatic (like so many things nowadays). It may seem small, but it makes a difference.


How to become an affiliate

Great to hear that you want to become an ExitLag Affiliate! Let’s go through the steps to activate your partner profile.
First, you need to create an account and validate your email on ExitLag After that, follow this path: My Account > Affiliates > "Activate Affiliate Account."
At this point, we will generate your exclusive referral link, and you can start promoting it immediately.
You will also have access to our image kit to help with promotion through your Affiliate page.
To learn more about your commissions and withdrawal rules, we have prepared this article: [link]. And if you want to know more about ExitLag’s partnership models, check out this other article: [link].
If you have any questions or suggestions, please talk to us through live chat or via our Discord community.

What is the commission structure for affiliates and how can I withdraw it?

By becoming an affiliate—check out how in this article—you will earn a commission for each new subscription made through your exclusive link.
The commission is 20% of the subscription value, so the higher the value, the higher your commission.
Remember that you will only be commissioned for new subscriptions. If a gamer who previously had an ExitLag subscription opts for a new subscription through your link, you will not receive a commission.
Another important detail is that there is no way to link a subscription to your profile if the customer subscribes outside of your referral link, so be sure to emphasize the use of your exclusive access to your community, okay?
Once you have accumulated at least $50 (USD), you can request a withdrawal to your PayPal account. The dollar conversion, adjusted daily, can be checked on the Balance page
It is important to clarify that exceptions cannot be made for the minimum withdrawal amount. Therefore, until your balance reaches at least $50 USD, it will not be possible to transfer the amount to your PayPal account.
After the withdrawal request, our team needs to ensure transaction compliance, which may take a few days. Once this validation is completed, the amount is transferred to the PayPal account you provided.

How to become a content creator?

Content creators are how we categorize our more advanced affiliates, and due to their appealing characteristics to us, we offer additional benefits beyond the 20% commission on new subscriptions.
Partners in this category have unlimited and free access to ExitLag, as well as access to prepaid codes to giveaway or distribute within their communities.
To become a partner in this category, in addition to having an affiliate profile account, interested parties must fill out this partnership application form: Partnership Application.
Upon receipt, we will review the profiles of applicants and contact those who are most aligned with our strategy.
We take into consideration the reach of their profiles, the social media platforms they engage with, the games they cover, their online community presence and size, and of course, their country of operation.
It’s important to note that there is no specific set of criteria for acceptance into the program.
If you have any questions, please reach out to us through live chat or our Discord community.

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