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When using ExitLag you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions of use, all applicable laws and regulations and you agree to be responsible for the compliance with applicable local laws. These terms will be in effect immediately after your first visit. If you do not agree with all the following terms, please do not access ExitLag anymore. The materials contained in this site are protected by copyright laws and trademark laws. If any of these terms or conditions were not complied with, your account will be blocked without previous notice and without refund.


In this document of Privacy Policies the company ExitLag LLC will be defined as ExitLag and will treat the collected and processed data when you join our visit this website, data collected by using the provided software as well.

If you have any doubt or concerns about your personal informations provided since the register until the usage, you can contact us through our social media or service channels.

It is recommended to fully read the document within it’ totality to secure a properly knowledge and information.


Data can be collected in three ways: first one is the data provided by you, hirer, by your own free will when you sign up and starts to use our service. Second way is the analytical data collected within this website. Lastly, third are made with receive informations from other ways, may being other website, cookies technology and from the usage of our software. All of them will be clarified and exemplified in this topic.

To clarify, cookies are internet files that temporary storage what users visiting at Network. They are capable of register an email address, search preferences, location among others.

In order to use the service provided by us, you must create an account at our website and after that the access will be granted by the ExitLag software, that can be downloaded at this website.

Sign up informations may include your name, email address and a password in order to access the User Panel and the software.

Purchase data aren’t stored at our servers, knowing that charges are made by third parties, by big companies in the business of online payments.

The collected email at sign up can be used to contact you, customer, also for sending correspondence with contact, support or marketing content.

By accessing our website, data from your hardware may be collected, which in some countries might be considered as personal informations, they range from IP address, location, plugin types, version and type of web browser, operational system, length of visit in certain pages and the interation fulfilled at access.

At our software, some informations about your usage may be collected, also games that you play and how you interact with them.

Within fundamental constitution of our service we have rented servers hosted worldwide with disponibility, redundancy and improvement at system route mitigation as our goals.


Automatic data collected by us will be used to manage our service and website. These improvements may include solving problems, ensure that our website content shows in a more efficiency way for you and your devices.

Your data may be shared within ExitLag companies, third party service providers, or partners that provide us with services, it could be related to business, technical services, delivery and payments, network and publicity, credit agencies and host services.

In case of divergence between the hired, court or administrative disputes, data may be used as forms and means of proof, including subcontractors such as query on credit restriction services.

We may share your data within competent law enforcement agencies, regulatory agencies, government agencies, courts or third parties whom we believe it is needed to share for the reason of a law or an applicable regularmentation, exercice, establish or defend our legal rights, or to protect your or whichever ones crucial interests.

Your personal informations may be shared with a potential or real buyer ( also for his agents and consultants ) associated with any purchase, fusion or real acquisition, proposal from either part of our business, as long as the buyer agrees to use these informations only for purposes that were quote in this politics.

If you are a visitor from European Economic Area, our legal basis may collect and use the personal informations that were quote above, depending on the personal informations at present and the situation when it were collected.


Your collected data may be shared within the country whom collected it and for other countries as well, wheres the law might be different about data security.

Services provided by ExitLag and their partners are spread worldwide, meaning that the data processing do not have any specific and static place to occur.

ExitLag uses technical, administrative and organizational measures in order to protect the information that were shared by you, by using SSL cryptography (Secure Socket Layer), aside from that, internet traffic data may not be considered 100% truthfully

To clarify about SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) it is a cryptography protocol designed to internet that allows safe communication between the customer and a server from a web application.

Data sent by you will be holded and store at our database for unlimited time, in case they are needed at a judicial action of any effect.

To point out, our data are monitored 24/7 to ensure the integrity and security of the stored data, in commitment to you, customer.


Politics that were quote in here may be changed at any moment, customers will be notified of the respective change.

We suggest full reading of this article of Privacy Policies before you, customer, starts to using our service, knowing the relevance of the subject that were quote in here.


If you have questions or concerns about the ExitLag service (such as game-related issues, problems accessing your ExitLag account, errors or other technical issues, payment issues, or content and rights issues), please get in touch with our support team, or send us an email to

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