Prepare to lock and load in CS2, because a monumental update just hit the battlefield, codenamed A Call to Arms.

This patch is jam-packed with content, from the legendary Arms Race mode making its glorious return to the introduction of the first-ever weapon case, the Kilowatt Case.

Buckle up, grab your trusty AWP, and let's dive into the updates!

Arms Race Is Back, Baby!

Remember the thrill of working your way up the arsenal, finally reaching the Zeus, and securing that epic final kill?

It's all back!

CS 2 Arms Race

Get ready for some nostalgic free-for-all mayhem!

The beloved Arms Race mode is storming back onto the scene, bringing its unique brand of weapon progression and adrenaline-pumping action.

What You Need To Know About Arms Race in CS2

CS 2 Arms Race
  • Free-for-all: Every player is for themself! Eliminate your opponents to progress through the weapon pool.
  • Two kills, next weapon: Get two kills with a weapon to unlock the next one in the sequence.
  • Work your way up: As you progress, the weapons get deadlier, culminating in the Zeus and the knife.
  • Map pool: The Arms Race map pool includes classics like Baggage and Shoots, ensuring diverse and exciting battles.

The Kilowatt Case: A Treasure Trove Of Weapon Finishes

The Kilowatt Case marks the dawn of weapon customization in CS2, offering a treasure trove of 17 community-designed weapon finishes.

But wait, there's more!

CS 2 Kilowatt Case

The Kilowatt Case also holds the coveted Kukri Knife, the first new knife in Counter-Strike in over five years!

Whether you're a fan of flashy skins or prefer a more tactical look, there's something for everyone in this case.

CS 2  Kilowatt Case

Counter-Strike 2 Gameplay Patch Updates

The update brings various balance changes and bug fixes, ensuring a smoother and more competitive experience.

Economy & Inventory

  • New "Refund All" button added in the menu.
  • Now is possible disable first-person bullet tracers.
  • You can now always reattach your silencer.

Performance & Gameplay

  • No more jittery player collisions, ensuring everyone interacts like civilized warriors.
  • Loadout changes are disabled while searching for ranked matches.
  • Sub-tick shooting adjustments and more polished shooting experience.
  • Invisible walls won't block your teammates' pings anymore.
  • Gliding across surfaces feels more natural and fluid.
  • Smokes now cast shadowns and rendering have been improved.

UI Tweaks

  • XP Overload now has special status.
  • Changes on chat team prefixes ("[T]" or "[CT]").
  • Unique defeat animations for agents with victory cheers (can be disabled).
  • More praise points at the end of the match for diverse achievements.

Network Enhancements

  • Reduced peeker's advantage: Get the drop on enemies with a fairer playing field by minimizing peeker's advantage by up to 16ms.
  • Smoother gameplay: Experience minimized stuttering caused by packet loss with the new server update and user command buffering option.
  • Latency insights: Dive deeper into your network performance with the new cl_ticktiming console command, identifying and addressing latency issues.

But what if these improvements still aren't enough?

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  • Packet loss reduction: Experience smoother gameplay with advanced features that combat packet loss.
Multipath Connection

Dominate Counter-Strike 2 With ExitLag

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Additional Patch Highlights

The "A Call to Arms" update brought various map fixes across the board, focusing on improving gameplay by addressing issues with grenades, visibility, and player movement.

Maps Fixes & Improvements

Here's a quick breakdown for three popular maps:


  • Smoother grenade bounces: Players can expect more predictable explosions thanks to adjusted gaps and grenade collision.
  • Better visibility: Adjusted texture blending makes spotting enemies easier.


  • Consistent grenade throws on Bombsite B: Grenade collisions get an overhaul on the key bombsite.


  • Player movement woes fixed: Unpredictable movements due to collision quirks are a thing of the past.

Additional Fixes On Other Maps

  • Mirage: Stuck players no longer! Fixes for Middle Ramp and Apartments ensure smoother movement.
  • Nuke: Bomb placement made foolproof with collision fixes, along with visual improvements at Bombsite B.
  • Italy: Players can now navigate the apartment section without getting stuck.
  • Office: Two exploits involving jumping and crouching are patched.
Remember: This article only covers a few highlights. For a complete picture, explore the full patch notes covered by Valve.
Valve's official release notes

Dive in and explore the update for a more personalized experience in Counter-Striek 2!

ExitLag also recommends this video from MrMaxim, with major updates covered!

Counter-Strike 2: A Call to Arms FAQ

What's new in the "A Call to Arms" update?

This update brought a lot of exciting content, including:

  • Arms Race mode: The classic free-for-all mode returns with weapon progression and adrenaline-pumping action.
  • Kilowatt Case: Featuring 17 community-designed weapon finishes and the first new knife in CS2 in over five years!
  • Zeus love: The Zeus gets a 30-second recharge timer and supports name tags and stickers.
  • Ambush Sticker Capsule: Express yourself with 21 unique designs for your weapons.
  • Gameplay tweaks: Balance changes, bug fixes, and improvements to sub-tick shooting, player collisions, and map visibility.

Is CS2 safe to play now?

Yes, Valve released multiple patches, since December making Counter-Strike 2 safer to play. The patches implemented various security measures.

Did CS2 fix the exploit?

Yes, the developers addressed the major exploit used in December 2023 that allowed attackers to inject malicious code.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in, explore, and dominate the battlefield!

P.S. Share your thoughts and experiences with the update, reach out to our team through our website.