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Greetings, Exiles!

Are you seeking an adrenaline-pumping adventure filled with deep character customization, relentless challenges, and an ever-expanding world?

Look no further than Path of Exile, a free-to-play action RPG (ARPG) from Grinding Gear Games (GGG).

This guide equips you to conquer the unforgiving continent of Wraeclast.

We’ll break down the core gameplay, explore character builds, delve into the endgame, and offer essential tips for both beginners and seasoned Exiles!

Plus, we’ll keep you in the loop on the upcoming sequel, Path of Exile 2, hinting at what awaits in the next chapter of this epic saga.

Unveiling the World of Wraeclast: A Brutal Beauty

Path of Exile throws you into Wraeclast, a continent corrupted by an ancient evil. Cast out for your crimes.

You must fight for survival against monstrous creatures, ruthless bandits, and the lingering taint of this eldritch power.

As you explore, Wraeclast’s rich lore unfolds through environmental details, character interactions, and even item descriptions.

From scorching deserts to labyrinthine ruins, each zone teems with danger and opportunity.

The endgame revolves around the Atlas of Worlds, a celestial map charting Wraeclast and beyond.

Conquer maps, gather valuable resources, and face increasingly difficult bosses to push your character’s limits and score epic loot.

wraeclast map in game path of exile

Embrace the Grind: Rewarding Challenges Await

Path of Exile thrives on a rewarding grind. Each defeat, each near-death experience, fuels your character’s growth and mastery.

Overcoming challenging encounters is immensely satisfying, and the feeling of progression keeps you coming back for more.

The game introduces new content regularly through Leagues, temporary campaigns with unique mechanics, challenges, and rewards.

Every new league offer a fresh experience while retaining the core gameplay loop.

For the truly dedicated, Path of Exile offers a vast and complex endgame.

Conquer maps, delve into treacherous labyrinths, and face powerful end-game bosses for the ultimate test of skill and build optimization.

Map of Act 10 in the game Path of Exile

Core Gameplay in Path of Exile

This section delves into the core gameplay mechanics, equipping you with the knowledge to dominate the challenges ahead.

Path of Exile combat in specific quest map

Brutal Combat: Mastering the Art of Survival

Path of Exile offers a fast-paced, action-oriented combat system.

You’ll face a diverse bestiary of enemies, each with unique attacks and behaviors. Mastering combat revolves around:

  • Positioning: Carefully maneuvering around enemies is crucial to avoid devastating attacks. Learn enemy tells and telegraphs to anticipate their strikes.
  • Skill Activation: Unleash powerful skills linked to your gear to decimate foes. Experiment with different skill combinations to find synergies that suit your playstyle.
  • Resource Management: Manage your mana and life pools effectively. Utilize flasks for temporary buffs and healing when needed.

As you progress, you’ll acquire defensive mechanics like life regeneration, armor, and energy shields to bolster your survivability.

intense combat in game Path of Exile

Building Your Arsenal: Skills and Gems

Skills are the foundation of your offensive and defensive capabilities in Path of Exile.

You don’t directly level skills; instead, you gain experience points that unlock points on the passive skill tree.

These points can be used to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones.

Gems are the powerhouses behind your skills.

Socketed into your gear, they determine the specific effect and behavior of your chosen skills.

Linking multiple gems together creates powerful combinations, allowing for immense customization of your combat repertoire.

Path of Exile skill trees complexity example
Witch Passive Skill Tree

Breakdown of the Different Types of Gems

  • Skill Gems: These are the core of your offensive and defensive abilities. From fiery blasts to defensive auras, there’s a skill gem for every playstyle.

  • Support Gems: Enhance the effects of your skill gems. Increase damage, add area-of-effect, or modify the way your skills behave – the possibilities are endless.

  • Active Skill Gems: These require mana to activate, unleashing powerful attacks or spells.

  • Aura Gems: Provide passive benefits to your character and nearby allies.
Invetory showing Path of Exile gems

Gearing Up for Glory: Itemization and Rarity

Loot is a vital aspect of Path of Exile.

Defeated enemies and opened chests drop a variety of equipment, categorized by rarity:

  • Normal: Basic white items
  • Magic: Blue items with basic modifiers
  • Rare: Yellow items with multiple modifiers
  • Unique: Orange items with powerful legendary properties

Unique items are the pinnacle of equipment in Path of Exile, often drastically altering your character’s capabilities.

They can introduce entirely new mechanics or significantly enhance existing skills.

With countless unique items to discover, the hunt for that perfect piece of gear fuels the addictive gameplay loop.

A powerful wand weapon item in the game Path of Exile.
Tornado Wand (unique item)

Forging Your Exile: A Multitude of Character Builds

Path of Exile’s immense character customization shines brightest in its build diversity.

With a sprawling passive skill tree and a vast array of skills and items, the possibilities are truly endless.

This section equips you to navigate this exciting world and craft a character that embodies your playstyle.

Path of Exile featuring elementalist skill thress
Fiery Elementalist build example

The Ascendancy Classes: Your Foundation for Power

Your journey begins by selecting one of the seven Ascendancy Classes.

Each class offers a unique starting point, specializing in specific playstyles and offering access to powerful Ascendancy passive nodes later in the game.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the core Ascendancy Classes:

  • The Duelist: A master of close-quarters combat, excelling in melee damage and survivability.
  • The Ranger: A ranged attacker who utilizes bows, throwing weapons, and elemental damage.
  • The Witch: A master of elemental magic, wielding powerful spells and manipulating the forces of nature.
  • The Shadow: A cunning rogue, specializing in critical strikes, evasion, and movement skills.

The remaining Ascendancy Classes – the Templar, the Marauder, and the Scion – offer alternative playstyles and cater to specific character concepts.

Unveiling the Passive Skill Tree: A Web of Possibilities

The passive skill tree is the heart and soul of character customization in Path of Exile.

Boasting over 1,400 nodes, it allows you to meticulously craft your character’s development.

Here’s a breakdown of the key aspects of the passive skill tree:

  • Keystones: Powerful passive skills that significantly alter your character’s capabilities. They often require significant investment to reach.
  • Mastery Points: Enhance specific aspects of skills, granting bonuses like increased damage, area of effect, or utility.
  • Travel Nodes: Connect different sections of the passive skill tree, allowing you to path towards desired keystones and skill nodes.

Remember, there’s no single “correct” way to navigate the passive skill tree.

Experimentation is encouraged!

Utilize online resources and build guides created by experienced players to get a feel for popular builds.

Or use the tree as a blank canvas to forge your own unique Exile.

Colorful skill tree diagram for the game Path of Exile, featuring a circle with various colored dots representing different abilities and paths.

Popular Build Archetypes: Inspiration for Your Journey

Path of Exile’s online community thrives on sharing character builds.

Here are some popular archetypes to inspire you:

  • Melee Builds: Unleash devastating close-quarters combat with characters wielding swords, axes, or even unarmed attacks. Popular melee builds focus on high physical damage, life regeneration, and defensive mechanics like block or evasion.
  • Caster Builds: Rain down elemental fury with spellcasters wielding the power of fire, ice, or lightning. These builds rely on mana management, damage modifiers for chosen elements, and defensive auras for survivability.
  • Summoner Builds: Command an army of minions to do your bidding. Summoner builds focus on enhancing the power and survivability of summoned creatures, allowing you to control the battlefield from a safe distance.

These are just a few examples – the possibilities are truly endless!

Explore online resources and experiment with different skill combinations and passive skill tree paths to discover the perfect build for your playstyle.

Elder Scrolls featuring intricate skill trees to Path of Exile.

Conquering the Endgame: A Realm of Challenges and Rewards

Path of Exile doesn’t end after defeating the main campaign.

The true test of your character and build awaits in the sprawling endgame content.

This section delves into the exciting challenges and bountiful rewards that endgame Path of Exile has to offer.

A powerful woman with a glowing head holding a glowing orb, representing a maven boss in Path of Exile.

The Atlas of Worlds: Charting Your Endgame Path

The Atlas of Worlds serves as your roadmap to the endgame.

It’s a celestial map charting Wraeclast and the surrounding regions, divided into interconnected maps.

Each map represents a unique zone filled with challenging enemies, rewarding bosses, and valuable resources.

Conquering Maps:

  • Tier System: Maps are categorized by tiers, with higher tiers offering greater difficulty and more lucrative rewards.
  • Map Modifiers: Enhance the difficulty and rewards of your maps by applying additional modifiers found from completing encounters or purchasing from vendors.
  • Boss Encounters: Each map culminates in a boss encounter, testing your combat prowess and build optimization. Defeating these bosses grants valuable loot and unlocks further progression on the Atlas.

By strategically navigating the Atlas and conquering maps, you’ll amass powerful gear, essential crafting materials, and valuable currency to enhance your character and tackle even greater challenges.

showcasing skills in Path of Exile

The Maven's Invitation: Facing the Crucible

The Maven, a powerful entity watching over Wraeclast, offers a series of increasingly difficult endgame challenges known as the Maven’s Invitations.

These invitations pit you against a gauntlet of bosses you’ve previously encountered on the Atlas, empowered by the Maven’s presence.

The Challenge:

  • Witnessing: Throughout your Atlas progression, you can choose to have the Maven “witness” specific boss encounters. This empowers them and grants additional rewards upon defeat.
  • The Invitations: Once you’ve witnessed enough bosses, you can unlock the Maven’s Invitations. These progressively difficult encounters culminate in “The Feared,” a grueling battle against all the witnessed bosses simultaneously.

Successfully overcoming the Maven’s Invitations grants you access to powerful rewards, including unique items and valuable crafting materials.

It’s a true test of your skill and build, pushing your character to its limits.

Maven boss fight in the game Path of Exile

Other Endgame Pursuits: A Realm of Variety

Path of Exile offers a variety of other endgame activities beyond the Atlas and the Maven’s Invitations.

Here are some additional options to explore:

  • Delve: Descend into the ever-deepening darkness of the Azurite Mine, encountering increasingly difficult enemies and uncovering valuable resources and powerful rewards.
  • Heists: Plan and execute intricate heists, utilizing a team of rogue companions to steal valuable artifacts from heavily guarded locations.
  • The Labyrinth: Navigate a treacherous labyrinth filled with traps and challenging encounters, unlocking powerful enchants for your gear upon completion.
  • Uber Elder and The Uber Atziri: Challenge yourself against these ultimate endgame bosses, requiring precise mechanics and optimized builds to conquer.

These are just a few examples – the endgame of Path of Exile offers something for everyone.

Whether you crave intense boss battles, strategic resource management, or the thrill of the heist, there’s an endgame activity to match your playstyle.

A screenshot of the video game 'Path of Exile' displaying a crowded group of players navigating through a labyrinth.

Path of Exile 2: A New Chapter Dawns

The future of Wraeclast is bright.

GGG is currently developing Path of Exile 2, a sequel promising to expand upon the core gameplay experience.

While the exact release date remains under wraps, Path of Exile 2 is expected to arrive sometime in the future.

Remember to add Path of Exile 2 in your Steam wish list

You can also register your email for early access here.

Here’s a taste of what Path of Exile 2 might offer:

  • A New Campaign: Embark on a brand new story set years after the events of Path of Exile.
  • Enhanced Combat: Expect smoother, more responsive combat mechanics with features like dodging and attack cancelling.
  • Visual Upgrade: Prepare for a visual overhaul, pushing the boundaries of the game’s world and character design.
  • Content Integration: Existing Path of Exile content might be integrated into Path of Exile 2, offering a massive combined world to explore.

Check out the gameplay trailer on YouTube:

While Path of Exile 2 promises exciting innovations, the original Path of Exile continues to receive regular updates and expansions, ensuring a vibrant and ever-evolving experience for years to come.

Ready to Answer the Call? Join the Exiles!

Path of Exile offers an experience unlike any other.

With its deep character customization, rewarding challenges, and ever-expanding world, it’s no wonder it’s garnered a passionate community of Exiles.

The best part?

It’s completely free to play!

So, what are you waiting for?

Create an account and download now!

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