ExitLag is an application that optimizes your connection, so that it can be as stable as possible when playing your favorite online games!

With its own technology and exclusive features, ExitLag is the first choice of proplayers and famous streamers.

Our services provide the much needed assistance for players that might require a better path to the multiple online servers all over the world, with online support wiling to help you whenever you need.

Imagine being in the middle of an epic clutch or halfway through an intense battle royale match, all of sudden your ping starts skyrocketing, affecting gameplay and thus costing the entire match.

Why You Should Use ExitLag

Unfortunately your local ISP might not have the best pathway to the server you’re trying to connect, and thus, making you play with lag.

ExitLag is highly effective in cutting short the travel distance your connection would have to make to reach the game’s servers.

Gamers trying to reach titles from other countries can experience seamless gameplay that was previously not possible.

ExitLag Exclusive Tools

ExitLag not only boasts of a proprietary tool that optimizes the best route to your game’s servers but also boosts the performance of your games.

Multipath - What Is ExitLag

What Is ExitLag

Our exclusive multipath technology will instantly analyze all the possible routes between your connection and the game’s server and pick the best suited one to reduce your ping.

If one pathway happens to get down or get unstable, it will immediately select an alternative so that everything goes by smoothly.

FPS Boost - What Is ExitLag

What Is ExitLag

By altering and optimizing a few select settings in your system, we can make your games run better than ever!

FPS Boost also gives its users multiple customization options such as disabling Game DVR or Windows Defender so that they have total control of what changes they’re most comfortable with.

The best part? FPS Boost is a free feature.

How To Properly Configure ExitLag On Your PC

The entire process of installing ExitLag is quite seamless.

After navigating through our website, simply make an account and download our client.

Once that’s out of the way, it's time to set everything up:

  1. Select your game
  2. Choose the region you will play
  3. Then click on "Apply Routes"

Ta-da! As simple as counting to 3, ExitLag is ready.

Finding Your Favorite Games In ExitLag

To start, make sure you turn ExitLag on by pressing the switch at the top left corner, right next to our logo.

Once that’s out of the way, hover over to the search bar and type the name of the game you want or look for it through the list of the currently supported titles.

With that done, you’ll see a page with a bunch of settings such as the best suited game region, TCP and UDP routes and a ‘’map’’ to the destination of choice.

What we’re looking for is a red button called ‘’Apply Routes’’, simply select it and ExitLag will begin optimizing the pathway and thus, reducing your ping significantly.

Using FPS Boost

Setting FPS Boost is even easier!

At the top of our application you’ll find a tab called TOOLS and inside it another set of options, this time aimed at improving performance.

To make sure everything runs smoothly when using ExitLag routing services, make sure to select ‘’Disable Energy Efficient Ethernet’’.

Now its time to select the best settings to make your games run smoothly.

Options such as ‘’Max Processing Priority for Games’’ will make sure all of your PC resources are well allocated.

While ‘’Disabling Game Bar and Game DVR’’ will prevent other applications from conflicting with the overall performance of your game.

What is ExitLag