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What are the features of ExitLag?

Since our launch, we have been committed to enhancing the online gaming experience for players worldwide, focusing on carefully listening to our community and developing new features in response to feedback from our gamers, as well as keeping up with market releases.


Today, our users enjoy the following technologies within our application:

  • Multipath Connection — Utilizing artificial intelligence and our own globally distributed server network, we analyze and provide the fastest and most stable connection route between the player and the game server in real-time.
  • Multi-Internet — Allowing our users to utilize multiple internet sources (such as wired, Wi-Fi, mobile connection, etc.) and allowing ExitLag to monitor in real-time and choose the best one for their game, without the gamer experiencing any interruptions in case we need to switch between networks.
  • FPS Boost — Through proper settings in the device's operating system, it's possible to safely enhance the gaming experience by increasing the number of frames per second (FPS) and maximizing the machine's performance during gameplay.
  • Traffic Shaper — With our team analyzing each game available in the application, it's possible to shape and optimize the data that needs to be transmitted from the player's machine to the game server, ensuring faster and more efficient reception and delivery.


Share your experience and suggestions with us through the Exitlag community on Discord or through the live chat here on the website.

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