In the sprawling realms of Black Desert Online, where every pixel is part of an epic adventure, nothing should hinder your journey – especially not lag, disconnects, or high ping.

In this blog post, we're delving into the intricacies of these issues, and presenting you with a game-changing solution.

BDO Lagging: How It Impacts Your Gaming Experience

Lag is more than a mere inconvenience; it's a complex interplay of network latency, server performance, and client-side issues.

Is essential have a good connection to avoid lag spikes during PVP battles and party grinding.

The most common things lag can cause in Black Desert Online are:

  • Dsync;
  • Rollback;
  • High ping;
  • Rubberbanding;
  • Delayed actions;
  • Slow server response;
  • Character freezing/stuttering.

High Ping Insights: Strategies For A Stable Connection

High ping can be the bane of a smooth gaming experience, introducing delays that disrupt the flow of your gameplay.

It causes slow response times due to physical distance from the BDO server.

You can try a solution as ExitLag and play in the fastest route to reduce ping in Black Desert Online.

Black Desert Online High Ping

Troubleshooting Disconnects In Black Desert Online

Facing sudden disconnects can be immensely frustrating, interrupting your griding in BDO and potentially harming your progress.

black desert online disconnects

You can try these pratical solutions to avoid disconnects playing Black Desert Online:

  • Close Bandwidth-Hungry Applications;
  • Switch to a wired connection if possible;
  • Clear your DNS cache to resolve potential domain name resolution issues that may lead to disconnects;
  • Adjust in-game graphics settings to reduce the strain on your system, potentially alleviating disconnect issues;
  • Prioritize gaming traffic by enabling QoS settings on your router or using ExitLag Traffic Shaper feature;
  • Fine-tune ExitLag settings based on your specific connection and gameplay preferences for optimal performance in BDO.
black desert online disconnects

The ExitLag Advantage Playing Black Desert Online

Get advantage using our powerful tool as ally in the quest for seamless gameplay in Black Desert Online.

Using ExitLag you can significantly reduce lag and enhance your overall gaming experience.

The benefits of using ExitLag, you will be always in the fastest routes, being able to get the best ping possible.

You also will have more stability, avoiding ping spikes and disconnects playing Black Desert Online.

How To Use ExitLag Playing BDO In Few Steps

1) Create an account and download the software at

Black Desert Online Lag

2) Choose Black Desert Online in the game library

Black Desert Online Lag

3) Select the best route for the region you want to play and apply routes

4) Open the game and have fun!

bdo lag fix

Farewell To Lag: Your Black Desert Online Gameplay With Max Performance

Armed with a deeper understanding of lag, high ping, and disconnects, coupled with the practical solutions provided, you're now ready to embark on your Black Desert Online lag-free journey.

Additional Tip: Watch this complete video made by streamer Choice and learn more how to get less ping, increase server stability and avoid disconnects in Black Desert Online.

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