With a vibrant open world and a cast of over 60 characters, Genshin Impact is one of the most popular free to play titles in recent years.

On the other hand, having an ambitious title such as this means that players will need to make sure that their preferred platform of play is up to the task.

Aiming to make sure everyone has an even playing field, we at ExitLag have prepared a guide so that you can fix any technical problem they might be having!

Stuttering While Playing Genshin Impact

genshin impact stuttering

One of the most common issues players have while playing Genshin Impact is a constant stuttering effect when traversing through zones.

The odd part about this problem is that it could also occur for people that have strong enough computers, making this whole ordeal even more confusing.

An easy but effective fix is to make sure your monitor is running at the same refresh rate as the game.

The title was originally developed to suit up to 60 fps; forcing the game to go beyond that will create these short but annoying freezes on your end.

There are multiple ways one could go about this.

The first one is to simply head over to the screen settings on your monitor and select 30hz or 60hz, to match whatever settings are configured in-game.

If that doesn’t work, perhaps changing the settings directly through the NVIDIA video settings might do the trick.

To do that, open NVIDIA's Control Panel, located on the system tray of your computer.

There, you’ll find a tab described as ‘’Manage 3D Settings’’ with another section that lets you change video configurations for all the programs on your computer. Simply search for Genshin Impact and set the refresh rate accordingly.

Using a SSD to play Genshin Impact

Many developers have been taking advantage of the fact that SSDs are becoming the standard and making games with that notion in mind.

Genshin Impact is no different; boasting a large open world and many instanced areas, it often becomes difficult for a simple Hard Drive to load all assets at once.

Switching to a SSD will do wonders to your overall gaming experience, not only by cutting load times short, but making the simple task of traversing through the world a lot smoother.

High Ping While Playing Genshin Impact

high ping Genshin Impact

Sometimes your game could be running fine, but if your ping becomes too high, then you’ll have a bad time anyway.

Here’s a couple of steps you can take to lower your latency while playing Genshin Impact.

First, make sure you don’t have any downloads running in the background.

Applications such as Steam and Epic Games will often start updates at the worst possible moment, making your gaming experience feel sluggish in the process.

Since Genshin Impact is available on multiple platforms, many players end up playing the game on whatever connection setting they see fit, just to facilitate transferring to a new system.

It is of great importance that players use a wired ethernet cord if available to eliminate any sort of interference or lack of signal strength.

Updating Genshin Impact

genshin impact update

With every new update, developers will add not only new content to the game, but also a multitude of fixes that ensure players have to the best experience possible.

Bugs present on older versions could cause higher ping, so making sure your game is at the most recent version is of utmost importance as well.

The process to update Genshin Impact is rather simple, just open up your client and head over to the settings menu.

Once inside, look for a tab called Version Information; there you should find a button called ‘’Game Update’’.

Clicking that shall do the trick.

Using ExitLag To Fix Genshin Impact Lag

If none of the tips above have worked then our ExitLag application will definitely do the job for you.

genshin impact exitlag

Our program will not only make sure that your internet picks the best possible route to the Genshin Impact servers, but we’ll also fix any performance issues with our FPS boost feature.

Upon logging on ExitLag, simply type Genshin Impact on the game search bar, there, you’ll find all the network options you need, from the game region to the best possible routes that will ensure low latency gameplay.

The tools section also contains important features such as the previously mentioned FPS boost that will make small, but crucial changes to your computer and ensure you have the best possible experience in the process!