In the highly competitive world of online gaming, performance is key.

As passionate gamers, we understand the frustration that comes with lag and slow connection speeds.

That's why ExitLag's founders embarked on a quest to optimize game performance and enhance the gaming experience.

With the help of Datacosmos, a leading IT consultancy based in Brazil specializing in database and cloud services, we found a game-changing solution in ClickHouse.

In this blog post, we will share how ExitLag, as a team, partnered with Datacosmos to leverage ClickHouse, resulting in significant improvements.

A Shift Towards ClickHouse

Recognizing the need for a more powerful and efficient data management system, we turned to Datacosmos for their expertise.

Together, we aimed to improve performance, scalability, and data compression capabilities.

After careful evaluation, we made the decision to transition from MySQL to ClickHouse.

ClickHouse's exceptional performance, scalability, and efficient data compression capabilities made it an ideal choice for analytical queries, taking our data management capabilities to a whole new level.

Analyzing Network Routes And Fastest Paths

We process approximately 6 million daily events through ExitLag.

With ClickHouse, we are now able to analyze and improve our services, mapping possible network routes more efficiently.

This allows us to gain valuable insights into user preferences and network performance, enabling us to optimize game delivery and provide a seamless gaming experience for our users.

The Power Of ClickHouse

One of the primary reasons we chose ClickHouse was its remarkable performance when it comes to analytical queries.

ClickHouse's columnar storage architecture and highly optimized data processing engine enable lightning-fast query execution, allowing us to obtain insights from our data with unparalleled speed.

This empowers us to make data-driven decisions quickly and effectively, ultimately resulting in improved game performance for our customers.

Leveraging Analytical And Machine Learning Capabilities

With ClickHouse as our data management system, we don't plan to stop at optimizing game performance alone.

We aim to leverage ClickHouse's analytical and machine learning capabilities to deepen our understanding of network performance, and gaming experience optimization.

By utilizing advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, we can identify patterns, trends, and potential areas for improvement.

This proactive approach ensures that our services are continuously evolving and tailored to our users' needs.

The Path Ahead

Our partnership with Datacosmos and the adoption of ClickHouse have proven to be transformative.

By harnessing the power of this innovative data management system, we have improved our ability to analyze and optimize network routes, enhancing game performance.

Moving forward, we plan to leverage ClickHouse's analytical and machine learning capabilities to gain further insights and continuously improve our services.

With this commitment to continuous improvement, we are well-positioned to provide exceptional gaming experiences and stay at the forefront of the gaming industry.

We are excited to continue evolving and providing exceptional gaming services to our ever-growing customer base.