After the closed beta, and the official launch looming in the horizon, Diablo fans are getting ready to spend countless hours slashing hordes of demons in search of epic loot.

That being said, the fourth entry in the classic action-RPG series is also aiming to be the largest one yet, with a shared universe where players from around the world can interact with each other; an experience similar to an MMO.

Combining that with being one of the most anticipated games of the year, it is almost guaranteed that server issues will occur.

This is why we are here: we want to ensure that your experience will be as smooth as possible once June 6th drops.

Recommendations Before Diablo 4 Release

The first thing to make sure is checking if your version of is up to date.

To do that, all you gotta do is click on the arrow next to the logo on the top-left corner of the screen, and select the ‘’Settings’’ tab.

Once that’s out of the way, roll over to the ‘’About’’ section, where all the information regarding the various Blizzard applications will be presented, including the one we currently need.

One simple but easy to forget solution regarding connection issues is to configure your firewall so that it doesn’t block Diablo IV from accessing it’s network necessities.

It might sound like an old fashioned method, but you would be surprised by how many games still struggle with antivirus acting up, especially when trying to log in.

Diablo 4 Firewall Settings

Begin by typing “Control Panel” on your Windows search bar; there, you should find all sorts of tools that protect your device.

The one we are looking at is called “System and Safety”, and there is also another plethora of different options, including the one we need: “Windows Defender Firewall”.

Once selected, you should see a table with all the applications your computer currently has installed, and how they're interacting through the antivirus.

Press the ''Allow a new program'' option on the bottom right corner of the screen and search for “Diablo IV”.

In case the game wasn't already given a checkmark, selecting  that prompt should tell your computer that it doesn't need to block any interactions between your connection and the Blizzard servers.

Another problem many players were having during the first couple of open beta weekends was constant rubber banding when trying to transition between zones, or during battles with multiple players on the screen.

Since this occurs mostly due to packet loss, which causes connection rollback, it is imperative that gamers use a wired LAN cable instead of WiFi when playing, especially if there are multiple users on the same household or if the router sits far from your computer.

Remember to use ExitLag to avoid packet loss and get the max performance playing Diablo IV.

If you still haven't installed ExitLag, click the image to create your account and start your free trial!

Diablo 4 Minimum System Requirements

It is crucial that users check if their computer specs are on par with at least the minimum system requirements.

Diablo games, like most ARPGs tend to be a very demanding genre, especially when diving into the later portions of the game, where hundreds of enemies are flooding the screen with many spells and effects.

To run the game at its lowest settings, which target a mix of 1080px720p resolutions, Blizzard asks for a NVIDEA GTX 660 graphics card and an Intel i5-2500K as a cpu.They not the most expensive parts on the market, as they are quite old now, dating back as 10 years ago, which means the title should be running well on most current computers.

Diablo 4 High End System Requirements

On the other hand, if you're looking for a more high class experience with 4k visuals, the devs are not shy as they ask for a RTX 40 series, since they're fully supporting DLSS3, which provides a more stable gaming experience. An Intel i7-8700 or AMD Ryzen 7 2700x are also recommended to make sure it doesn't bottleneck the efficiency of your GPU.

Diablo ISP Issues - How To Fix

Sometimes your ISP could have difficulties when trying to send all the necessary information to the online services.

Thankfully, Blizzard is kind enough to publicly post all of its ports addresses on its forums, letting gamers use them should that be the case.

To do that, all you gotta do is head to your modem settings page, through your browser of choice, and look for a tab that’s generally called portgateway or portfoward.

There, you can set it so that your IP address connects to both TCP/UDP ports that Blizzard uses for their services, which are 4000, 6112-6119 respectively.

Diablo Disconnects Issues - How To Fix

Something that was prevalent throughout the entire beta and, is guaranteed to happen again once the game finally launches, are constant internet disconnections, especially during peak hours.

Even with all the preparations and resources in the world, servers are bound to struggle once millions of players try to log in all at once.

In that case, it is highly suggested that gamers try to select a new instance, in order to try and escape the most congested areas.

Playing at a different region can often be a very good tip, since most users at that time could be sleeping, which means more breathing room for the servers to function properly.

For example, if you are playing from North America, where the Diablo brand is very popular, it will be very difficult to have any semblance of a stable experience during launch; however, if you switch to the japanese region, where these games are not as celebrated, you could have an easier time actually staying inside the servers, even if you have to deal with some latency.

The best part about this is that you can always go back to whichever area gives you the least amount of lag, so advancing in the story early on a less populated timezone to get by the early acts means you can return to your preferred server early to complete the later portions of the game where very few people should be interacting with.

Avoiding Diablo 4 Lag Issues In Any Server

Unfortunately, even taking all the measures above might not be enough.

If the Diablo IV servers happen to be far away from your location, then you’re bound to deal with high latency one way or another. In that case, the ExitLag application is guaranteed to reduce any sort of lag you’re experiencing.

Simply head over to the home tab of the app and look for Diablo IV.

There, you will see a page listing the region where your server is currently hosted. If the settings match, then you can go ahead, select ‘’Apply Routes’’, and that should be it!

The process itself is very simple and easy, after a couple of seconds the game should boot up with a significantly reduced latency which will lead to a much more enjoyable gaming experience.

You can even use ExitLag to enhance your frame rates during gameplay with the FPS Boost option.

By hovering to the “Tools” tab, users can select a multitude of options, all followed by the necessary explanations, so that those less acquainted with these topics can understand what they do and pick what they want accordingly.