Throne & Liberty is set to revolutionize traditional gaming with its innovative class system.

Unlike conventional MMOs where players choose a predefined class, Throne & Liberty offers unparalleled freedom.

Players are not limited to a single class or role; instead, they have the liberty to select any two weapons of their choice.

These chosen weapons unlock a diverse range of abilities, providing a unique and customizable playstyle.

This guide delves deep into the six core weapon archetypes, revealing their secrets, strengths, and strategic possibilities.

The Arcane Symphony With Sorcerer's Magic

Throne And Liberty Sorcerer

Solistia trembles beneath the potent spells of the Sorcerer.

Masters of elemental forces, these formidable casters can rain down fiery infernos, encase foes in glacial prisons, or electrocute them with crackling bolts of lightning.

Two distinct paths define their sorcerous journey.

  • Staff Mastery: Embody raw destructive power.
    • Unleash scorching meteor showers with Meteor Strike, freeze entire groups with Glacial Imprisonment, or chain lightning through enemies with Arc Lash.
    • Staff Sorcerers excel in PvE, decimating dungeons and clearing battlefields with unparalleled AoE dominance.
  • Wand & Tome Finesse: Become a maestro of control and mobility.
    • Teleport behind enemies with Blink, bind them with Entangling Roots, and pepper them with Arcane Missiles from afar.
    • Wand & Tome Sorcerers offer superior PvP potential, disrupting formations, dodging attacks with teleports, and securing kills with calculated bursts of damage.

Unerring Precision Of The Archer

Throne And Liberty Archer Class System

No sanctuary exists beyond the sights of the Archer.

From atop battlements or shrouded in foliage, these masters of ranged combat rain down a constant hail of arrows with pinpoint accuracy.

Their two distinct skillsets cater to varied playstyles:

  • Longbow Marksmanship: Unleash a relentless hail of arrows with Piercing Shot.
    • Cripple foes with Arrow of Hamstring, and pin them down with Rain of Arrows.
    • Longbow Archers are devastating DPS machines, dominating PvE encounters with sustained damage and excellent AoE options.
  • Crossbow Ambush: Master the art of the one-shot kill.
    • Punish unwary foes with Snipe, lay traps with Explosive Bolts, and scatter unsuspecting groups with Cluster Shot.
    • Crossbow Archers excel in PvP, utilizing tactical positioning, burst damage, and crowd control to eliminate high-priority targets.

The Brawler's Dance Of Steel

Throne And Liberty Brawler Class System Guide

For those who crave the thrill of close-quarters combat, the Brawler offers a symphony of pain and destruction.

These whirlwind warriors thrive in the heat of battle, crushing bones with devastating blows and dodging attacks with acrobatic grace.

Their two paths unleash distinct forms of melee mastery:

  • Two-Handed Onslaught: Become an unstoppable juggernaut.
    • Cleave through enemies with Whirlwind Slash, stun them with Ground Slam, and unleash fury with Earthquake.
    • Two-handed brawlers dominate PvE, tanking massive damage while dealing out equally staggering punishment.
  • Dual Wield Finesse: Dance through battle like a storm.
    • Chain lightning-fast attacks with Flurry of Strikes, disarm opponents with Riposte, and vanish from sight with Shadow Step.
    • Dual Wield Brawlers excel in PvP, utilizing mobility, precise strikes, and defensive reflexes to outmaneuver and counter opponents.

The Art Of The Assassin

Throne And Liberty Assassin Class System Guide

Fear stalks the battlefield when the Assassin draws a blade.

Cloaked in darkness, these masters of stealth strike from unseen angles, delivering crippling blows before melting back into the shadows.

Their two skillsets cater to distinct forms of lethal artistry:

  • Dual Wield Ambush: Become a blur of death.
    • Vanish from sight with Shadow Cloak, unleash a flurry of dagger strikes with Tempest Rush, and finish off targets with Razor Swipe.
    • Dual Wield Assassins excel in PvP, utilizing stealth, rapid attacks, and critical hits to eliminate unsuspecting foes.
  • Bow Sharpshooter: Master the art of the silent kill.
    • Cripple enemies from afar with Venomous Arrow, rain down arrows with Arrow Storm, and finish them off with Marked Execution.
    • Bow Assassins excel in PvE and ranged PvP, utilizing precise aim, tactical positioning, and potent debuffs to control the battlefield from afar.

The Tank's Wall Of Defiance

Throne And Liberty Tank

When the tide of battle threatens to break, the Tank stands firm, an unyielding bulwark against the onslaught.

These immovable objects draw enemy fire, deflect attacks with unwavering resolve, and control the flow of combat with strategic positioning.

Their two paths offer distinct forms of frontline leadership:

  • Sword & Shield Guardian: Become an anchor of stability.
    • Taunt enemies with War Cry, shield bash them with Iron Wall, and cleave through groups with Shield Breaker.
    • Sword & Shield Tanks excel in PvE, holding aggro against bosses and protecting allies from harm.
  • Two-Handed Aggressor: Lead the charge with indomitable ferocity.
    • Smash enemies with Thunder Clap, cleave through waves with Blade Storm, and control the battlefield with Warpath.
    • Two-Handed Tanks excel in PvP, disrupting formations, drawing enemy focus, and creating opportunities for allies to strike.

The Healer's Guiding Light

Throne And Liberty Healer

In the wake of destruction, the Healer shines, mending wounds and ensuring the survival of their allies.

These champions of life weave magic to restore health, bolster defenses, and turn the tide of battle in favor of their comrades.

Their two paths offer distinct forms of restorative power:

  • Wand & Spellbook Benevolence: Become a wellspring of direct healing.
    • Channel potent energy with Divine Light, shield allies with Guardian Field, and revive fallen comrades with Resurrection.
    • Wand & Spellbook Healers excel in PvE, keeping frontline fighters alive during intense boss battles and large-scale encounters.
  • Magic Staff Radiance: Master the art of AoE healing and offensive support.
    • Rain down restorative rain with Healing Rain, cleanse debuffs with Purify, and empower allies with Arcane Aura.
    • Magic Staff Healers excel in PvP, providing sustained healing to multiple allies while dishing out respectable damage and control spells to aid their offensive efforts.

Beyond the Weapon: Mastering Your Path

Throne And Liberty Class System Guide

This guide merely scratches the surface of the depths and possibilities offered by Throne and Liberty's dynamic class system.

The true mastery lies in your hands, in your strategic mind, and in your relentless pursuit of perfection.

So, take up your weapon, embrace the battlefield, and forge your own legend in the vibrant realm of Solistia!

Your Guide To Playing Throne And Liberty
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