Help center Settings What do I need to do? How do I setup ExitLag for the first time?

How do I setup ExitLag for the first time?

When you download our program, you just need to log in with your email and password and wait for our software to map the available routes.

Now, you can select your favorite game from our library and also choose which region fits best for your match. Remember to configure ExitLag first and then open the game, okay?

Some applications offer the "Recommended" option when choosing the route, which means we will use all regions of the world to select the best route for you. For games that do not have this option, you need to choose between continents or directly select one of our servers.

Our software already comes with comprehensive settings that work seamlessly in all applications. However, if you wish, you can edit the advanced settings to fit the specific needs of your device or game.


If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact us through our ExitLag community on Discord or via live chat on our website.

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