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What is the difference between Version 4 and Version 5 for Desktop?

Continuing our efforts to provide a great online gaming experience globally, we are launching a new version of our service for PCs and notebooks: V5.

Our players will continue to enjoy the cutting-edge AI technology they already know from previous versions of our program, now with a more robust and intuitive visual, making navigation easier.

To ensure that this version can support future functionalities, the application will only work on 64-bit platform systems, no longer compatible with 32-bit systems.

Gradually, we will invite players from certain regions to update their versions. Both versions will be available for download on our official page, but you will not be able to use both simultaneously on your computer.

It's important to highlight that ExitLag's main technologies - such as Multipath Connection, Multi-Internet, FPS Boost, Traffic Shaper, and Real-Time Optimization - remain available and with the same quality in both versions, ensuring that players using V4 will not have a diminished experience.

As we continue our efforts and new technologies become available, we will share all the details on the ExitLag Blog and on our social media channels.


Want to share your experience with us? We're waiting for you over in our Discord community! You can chat with other players and even get in touch with our team of experts if you encounter any issues.

Oh, and if you prefer, we're also available here on the website through live chat. We're here to help!

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