Attention all FFXIV players!

Tired of watching your characters move in slow motion while the world around you speeds by?

You're not alone!

We've all faced the frustration of lag in one form or another. But don't worry, help is on the way!

In this article, we'll dive into the wacky world of lag and explore the most common types of lag that you may experience in FFXIV.

Remember, the type of lag you're facing in FFXIV is like a choose-your-own-adventure book.

It all depends on your unique setup and network situation.

We'll guide you through it all.

So sit back, relax, and let's tackle this lag monster together!

Types Of Lag And How to Solve In Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV)

These are some of the most common types of lag that players of FFXIV may experience:

  1. High Ping or High Latency
  2. Frame Rates Drops
  3. Disconnections or Server Issues
  4. Video Graphic Card Issues

1) High Ping or Latency Spikes - FFXIV (Final Fantasy XIV)

The most common type of lag players of FFXIV face. Making the game feel slow or unresponsive. In some cases causing disconnects due ping spikes.

It may occur due to high demand traffic or congested routes provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

How to Fix High Ping or Latency Spikes in FFXIV (Final Fantasy XIV)

Possible solutions to fix high ping or latency issues:

  • Switching to a wired Ethernet connection instead of using Wi-Fi
  • Moving closer to your router if is not possible to use wired Ethernet
  • Closing bandwidth-intensive programs, such as torrents, streaming services or browsers with many tabs.
  • Using ExitLag, to provide the fastest route from your PC to FFXIV servers
how to reduce lag FFXIV

2) Frame Rates Drops - FFXIV (Final Fantasy XIV)

Frame rate drops occur when the game's performance suddenly drops, causing the game to stutter or the frame rate to become choppy.

How to Fix Frame Rates Drops - FFXIV (Final Fantasy XIV)

Possible solutions to fix frame rates drops include:

  • Lowering the in-game graphics settings
  • Closing unnecessary programs and background processes
  • Updating your graphics card drivers and game software
  • Optimizing your computer's performance, such as defragmenting your hard drive or freeing up disk space
  • Using ExitLag FPS Boost after performing all these solutions (it’s free forever)
fix graphic and high fps in ffxiv

3) Disconnections or Server Issues - FFXIV (Final Fantasy XIV)

Disconnections or server issues may occur when there are problems or congested FFXIV servers.

If you are facing constantly disconnects as well, you may also have high demand traffic or congested routes due ISP issues in this case.

How to Fix Disconnections or Server Issues - FFXIV (Final Fantasy XIV)

Check these tips and try to fix disconnections in FFXIV:

  • Make sure your server status is up here. Also, try to check FFXIV forums or social media accounts for updates or maintenance notifications
  • You can try restarting your router or modem.
  • Close other applications that are using the internet
  • Check if your internet service provider is having any network issues
  • Give a try to ExitLag

4) Video Graphic Issues - FFXIV (Final Fantasy XIV)

You may experience lag or stuttering if your graphics card is overloaded due high graphic demands in FFXIV

How to Fix Video Graphic Issues - FFXIV (Final Fantasy XIV)

Possible solutions for graphic issues in FFXIV are mostly the same for fixing frame rates drops. You could try:

  • Test all ExitLag FPS Boost features
  • Lower FFXIV graphics settings
  • Close unnecessary background programs and browser tabs
  • Upgrade your graphics card or computer hardware

FFXIV Is Lagging, But Internet Is Fine?

Another usual cause of lag in FFXIV is the distance from the server.

The further you are from the game server, the longer it will take for your actions to be transmitted to the server and for the server's responses to be sent back to you, which can cause lag.

ExitLag can potentially help reduce the time and distance your data has to travel in FFXIV.


If you've tried using ExitLag and you're still stuck in a world of lag, don't be shy. Give the ExitLag team a shout.

They're like the superhero support squad, ready to save you from lag's evil clutches!