The last couple of years have done wonders to the action genre when it comes to gaming as a whole.

Action games such as God of War, Devil May Cry and Elden Ring have risen to popularity with exciting gameplay and stories, capable of conquering the hearts of gamers all over the world.

That being said, these are also some of the most demanding types of games, players need to keep their reflexes in check while also overcoming threatening adversaries alike.

In order to ease the entry level to these kinds of games, we at ExitLag have prepared a guide about all things action games so that you can have a smoother, more pleasant experience when it comes to slaying hordes of enemies!

Using A Controller To Play Action Games

Using A Controller To Play Action Games

Almost mandatory within the genre nowadays, using a controller is guaranteed to be the best way to play all sorts of action games.

While it is totally possible to play with mouse and keyboard controls, a gamepad will make things feel more intuitive and give players more precision over their commands.

Take a game like Devil May Cry for example, with hundreds of moves for each character and a bunch of enemies to defeat on the screen all at once.

Newcomers might find that using WASD keys to execute complex moves and the mouse to control the camera could feel a lot jittery, and thus more difficult.

Following Build Guides In Action Games

Following Build Guides In Action Games

Perfect for those new to action RPGs, following a build guide could often ease the overwhelming experience of playing one of these games for the first time.

Titles such as Nioh, Mad World MMO or Path Of Exile tend to have hundreds (if not thousands) of complicated and confusing stat allocations that prevent new players from even touching the genre to begin with.

Having someone to help you along your first journey will not only make things easier but entice many players to create their own builds as well.

Maintaining A Stable Framerate In Action Games

Maintaining A Stable Framerate In Action Games

While playing with the latest state of the art graphical options could often be enticing, options such as 4K resolution and other demanding settings have a higher chance of hurting your overall experience.

In a genre that is all about execution, running titles at lower frame rates is often a terrible idea that could leave players mistiming their moves, input dropping out of nowhere and other deadly issues.

Let's look at Elden Ring where precision is second to none, in a game that is already well known for its highly punishing nature, gamers don’t have time to second guess or correct mistakes on the fly.

At lower FPS the visual clarity of the game can often feel rather choppy and laggy, forcing whoever is playing the game to mash the dodge button or even guess the appropriate timings for counter attacks.]

Using ExitLag In PC And Mobile Action Games

With tab targeting MMOs slowly being replaced by action titles like Black Desert Online, Guild Wars 2 and Genshin Impact, the amount of information being shared between the player and the server is even higher today than it was before.

In return, participating in PvP battles or raid fights now not only requires knowledge and execution but also a fast connection as well.

Combine this with many games not being globally distributed, many gamers are often playing in laggy environments that prevent them from reaching their true potential.

This is where ExitLag comes in.

Using its own exclusive multipath technology, our services can guarantee the best pathway to your favorite game’s server, shortening the distance between the two.

This will drastically lower your ping and in return even make you a better player!

Supporting thousands of titles from the most popular to the last, you’re bound to make your overall gaming experience much better.

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