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How to download ExitLag?

To download our software on your PC or laptop, you need to visit the Exitlag Downloads page. There, you can download the latest version of ExitLag and be assured that you are downloading an official version.

To ensure that your machine is compatible with our service, please visit this article to learn about the devices ExitLag is available on What devices is ExitLag available on? And what are the system requirements?

Now, if you want to learn about our new version, we've provided all the details in this article What's the difference between Version 4 and Version 5 for Desktop?

Remember that you can now optimize your games on mobile devices too! The download in this case needs to be done through your app store, okay? To find out which operating systems already have our technology, please access this article: Can I use ExitLag on my cell phone?


If you encounter any issues during the download, please contact one of our specialists via live chat on the website, using the icon on the right, or in our Discord community.

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