Fortnite, the popular battle royale game developed by Epic Games, recently announced the addition of new central servers for North America (NA-Central), located in Dallas, TX.

It’s important to be aware Epic Games are keeping NA-East and NA-West servers up.

However it still has both benefits and drawbacks for players in the United States and close regions.

Let’s delve into the benefits and drawbacks of the NA-Central server update.

BENEFITS - Fortnite NA Central Server

One of the primary benefits of central servers is improved latency and reduced lag.

With centralized servers, players located nearby can expect more stable connections and a better overall gaming experience.

This is especially important playing games like Fortnite, where everyone needs to be able to react quickly to in-game events.

Another advantage of central servers is improved matchmaking.

By centralizing the servers, Epic Games can better balance the player pool and ensure that matches are more evenly matched.

This can lead to a more enjoyable experience for players and better gameplay overall.

DRAWBACKS - Fortnite NA Central Server

However, there are also some potential drawbacks to central servers.

One of the main concerns is that players who live far away from the central server location may experience higher latency and lag spikes.

This could be especially problematic for players in the western and eastern regions of North America.

That’s why it is important to set the best settings for the matchmaking region when using it.

Check how you can change your matchmaking region in Fortnite here.

Remember that the NA-East and NA-West servers are still up and running, so you can still enjoy seamless Fortnite gameplay from those locations.

Avoiding Lag Spikes - Fortnite NA Central Server

To avoid lag spikes, you can take a few different steps.

One option is to use a wired internet connection instead of relying on WiFi.

This can help reduce latency and improve overall connection stability.

Check this ExitLag content and get more tips and tricks to reduce lag in Fortnite.

Also, remember you can check the status of the all Epic Games Public Servers:

Fortnite Servers Status

Check here all Epic Games Public Status.

Using ExitLag To Ooutperform In Fortnite NA Central Server

In terms of using ExitLag to play Fortnite without lag, it's important to note that ExitLag uses advanced routing technology to optimize your internet connection and reduce latency.

ExitLag can help improve your connection stability and reduce lag spikes playing in the new Fortnite NA-Central server by selecting the most efficient server routes.

By selecting ExitLag feature “All Regions”, you should be good to go!

Following the best practices for internet connectivity you can maximize the benefits of ExitLag and improve your Fortnite gameplay experience.

Minimize Latency Issues Playin On Fortnite NA Central Server

Overall, the addition of central servers for North America is a positive development for Fortnite players.

While there may be some initial issues as players adjust to the new servers, the long-term benefits of centralized servers are likely to outweigh any potential drawbacks.

If you are considering playing Fortnite with ExitLag, keep in mind it's still important to ensure that your internet connection is stable to begin with.

ExitLag is designed to minimize any potential Fortnite lag issues as much as possible.

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