With almost 3 decades of demon slaying under its belt, the popular ARPG series is widely known for having an addictive combat and collecting legendary loot.

What most people might be unaware of is that Diablo 4 is not only looking forward to tie loose ends in its story, but also expand the background of beloved characters and entire zones previously left to the side.

If you have been neglecting the game's lore for the past couple of years and don’t want to feel lost once the title finally drops, worry no more!

Here’s all you might have missed since the Lord of Terror first struck Tristram way back in 1996.

Who is Lilith in Diablo 4?

Revealed back during Blizzcon 2019, the villainess of Diablo 4 made a frightening first appearance, but not much is known about her besides a very briefly participation during an event on the second game.

Lilith is not only associated with Mephisto, the popular boss from Diablo 2, but she's also the mother of Sanctuary – the very world where our characters are currently living.

In a futile attempt to end the war between Heaven and Hell, she teamed up with Inarius, an angel that ended up falling in love with her.

From their union, mankind was born. They also created the Nephalem (protagonists of Diablo 3) and ultimately the world where their children could live in peace, away from the eternal conflict.

Unfortunately, the forces of both good and evil did not enjoy such a turn of events, and thus they were both attacked by renegade demons and angels, causing an event called The Purge, which led Lilith into a frenzy killing hundreds and, eventually, being exiled to a place known as The Void.

The Demons of Diablo 2 Return to Diablo 4

During the story of Diablo 2, the player is tasked with killing the Prime Evils and destroying their soul shards so that they never return.

While successful in their endeavors, the events of the ‘’Reaper of Souls’’ expansion in the third game led to the destruction of the Black Soul Shard, a vessel that was supposed to hold the souls of every previous major villain in the franchise.

Players with a keen eye will soon notice that some of these antagonists are already showing up, with Mephisto himself helping the protagonist during the prologue of Diablo 4, although a bit behind the scenes and with his own reasons.

Diablo 4 Familiar Faces and Places

The forces of evil are not the only ones making a return: gamers quickly noticed that one of the very first faces they meet during the story is none other than Lorath himself.

The lone survivor from the events of Diablo 3 is much older, showing a rougher demeanor now instead of his previous joyful and flirtatious personality.

All we see is someone who lost hope and looks tired of the never-ending conflict.

His appearance also suggests that we might be returning to Caldeum, another classic town from the third Diablo game.

Also known as the jewel of the desert, this isolated city was home to Azmodan, Lord of Sin — and considering the events that the story is leading up to, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we clash against him once again.

The Butcher Escapes Diablo 1

During the Open Beta, players had the chance to be randomly attacked by the Butcher, a beloved boss from the third game.

What some might not be aware of is that he is much older, dating back to the original Diablo. Just like in 1996, this demon would often fight the player in tight corners trying to prevent their escape.

Those that managed to flee from combat would eventually get hooked back into close range thanks to his cleaver, suffering heavy damage in the process.

Diablo’s Lore

While its Lore might be as deep as other RPGs, it’s always better to have some previous knowledge, especially since Diablo 4 seems to be trying to change the stigma around looter games and its narrative.

Hopefully, these pieces of trivia will help you feel more immersed and motivated in the quest to defeat evil!