If you are having any trouble playing Diablo IV open beta, you just found the right place to enter the new world as smoothly as possible.

In this article, we'll explore how you can address any issues playing the open beta!

Potential Problems Playing Diablo 4

Due to various factors, this open beta may experience unexpected issues, like game code bugs, congested servers or paths and disconnects.

Prepare yourself to download ExitLag playing this weekend to ensure uninterrupted gameplay during this short time before the official Diablo IV release on 06/06.

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These are the most common problems you can fix with ExitLag:

  • High Ping
  • Error code 300006
  • Disconnects Starting The Game
  • Disconnects Logging in
  • Disconnects Playing A Match
  • Network Latency
  • Overloaded Server

High Ping - Diablo 4 Open Beta

Diablo 4 High Ping

High ping can cause delays in the game.

It’s easy to fix that, just let us drive you into the best route by selecting “All Regions”.

Error code 300006 - Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Error code 30006

Playing Diablo IV may encounter error code 300006.

You don't need to close the game or logging off and back to the queue.

You can fix that by turning off and turning on ExitLag again!

Disconnects Starting The Game - Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Queue Disconnect

Don’t worry if you tried to start playing Diablo 4 and your game just didn't start, this open beta might have few congested servers or bugs.

Ensure to turn on ExitLag before playing and you can avoid that!

Disconnects Logging in - Diablo 4

You might have your screen disconnecting when the game starts.

Happily ExitLag will do the magic so you don’t face this problem!

Disconnects Playing A Match - Diablo 4

Disonnected Diablo 4 Network

Playing a match during the Diablo 4 open beta may result in frustrating disconnections.

Stay ahead at the game with ExitLag and don’t be disconnected!

Network Latency - Diablo 4

High Ping and Latency Diablo 4

Playing a match during the Diablo 4 open beta may result in frustrating disconnections.

Stay ahead at the game with ExitLag ON and don’t be disconnected!

Overloaded Server - Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Queue

Server overload can cause several issues such as disconnections, high ping, or network latency.

You can mitigate these issues by optimizing the connection to the server with ExitLag!

How ExitLag Can Help To Play Diablo 4

ExitLag can help you address lag issues in Diablo IV in several ways:

  • Reducing Network Latency: ExitLag can optimize the path of your data between your computer and the game server, reducing network latency and improving your gameplay experience.
  • Optimizing Connection Stability: ExitLag can help stabilize your connection to the game server, reducing the risk of connection drops and disconnections.