Tale as old as time: after a long and stressful day, you decided to log in your favorite game and just chill with your pals.

After a while, the perfect gameplay starts to get sluggish.

Your movements are delayed, your character is teleporting.

Lag strikes again!

Dealing with lag during an online match can ruin the day of the calmest soul.

And the causes could be multiple.

That's why the Exitlag team has made this article: here, we'll talk about some of the most common lag types, what could be causing them and how to fix it.

But if you're short in time, well, you can always check our 3 day trial and let our software do the hard work.

Definition And Symptoms Of PC Lag

As gamers, whenever we think about lag, our mind goes to high latency during gameplays.

Yes, lag affects online gaming; but not only that.

When we're watching a video on our mobile and the player starts buffering, even if the internet connection is ok, that's lag.

When simple applications take way too long to open right after we turn on our PC, that's also lag.

'But what is lag?', you may ask.

Well, to explain briefly: lag is a delay.

Have you ever tried running Microsoft Word, for example, and the application takes ages to open?

If so, you have experienced lag.

And it could also manifestate in different forms, such as:

  • Stuttering lag
  • Freezing lag
  • Latency lag

Let's take a closer look at each variety of lag, and if you want a deeper understanding, make sure to consult the article about 'What Is Lag'.

What Is Stuttering Lag And Why It Happens

Be it online or offline, you probably dealt with stuttering while gaming at least once in your life.

Suddenly lag spikes and choppiness while moving in an open world game?Irregular delays? The problem not going away after a hardware upgrade?

Well, that's stuttering lag; and it could happen not only on the PC, but also consoles.

Why Your PC Is Lagging: Stuttering

Games with huge maps are prone to stutter, and that's because of irregular delays between your GPU and display image.

Additionally, this is a hardware-related or software-related factor contributing to lag.

What Is Freezing Lag And Why It Happens

Have you ever had your PC freezing in the middle of nowhere?

Why Your PC Is Lagging: Freezing

Sometimes you're not even gaming, just browsing the web, and then, freeze!

As if an ice beam hit your computer screen, and it becomes frozen solid.

It's super effective!

Sometimes, if you just let your PC rest for a few minutes, it comes back to life.

However, at times, a hard reset is required.

The causes of freezing could be multiple: too many tabs open, overheating and even viruses.

This is also a hardware-related or software-related factor contributing to lag.

What Is Latency Lag And Why It Happens

If you're playing and your game starts lagging, the first thing you'll do, probably, is to check your network connection.

Latency lag is all about that: unstable connection, lag spikes or high ping.

Why Your PC Is Lagging: Latency

This is a network-related cause of lag, your internet simply is not functioning the way it should.

It also could be a long distance between you and game server.

Fortunately, ExitLag proves highly effective in resolving latency issues.

As time moves on in the gaming industry, developers will start to take advantage of more sophisticated hardware in order to make their new titles look and perform even better.

Why Your PC Is Lagging: Hardware-Related Causes Of PC Lag

As a result, gamers will need to upgrade their PC if they want to keep up with the most recent releases.

If you’re dealing with any of the issues stated below, it might be a sign that an upgrade is in order:

  • Insufficient RAM or outdated hardware
  • Overheating issues and inadequate cooling
  • Incompatible or outdated graphics card

Insufficient RAM Or Outdated Hardware: Why Your PC Is Lagging

An issue that is most common in games that boast large, open áreas, such as Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto is constant stuttering as you’re trying to simply walk around from one zone to another.

Why Your Pc Is Lagging: Insufficient RAM Or Outdated Hardware

Since your computer doesn’t have enough resources (in this case, memory) to keep up with the game, you’ll start dealing with textures simply unloading, crashes or even a blue screen of death.

Overheating Issues And Inadequate Cooling: Why Your PC Is Lagging

Inadequate cooling is one of the most dangerous issues PC gamers could deal with, as it generally impacts not only the performance of their systems, but also the longevity of the hardware they’re equipped with.

Why Your PC Is Lagging: Overheating Issues And Inadequate Cooling

Gamers need to make sure that they have the right cooling equipment that best matches the components and programs they’re going to use.

Those who wish on buying water coolers need to be absolutely certain that their radiators and AIO pumps are placed at the correct angle.

Keep in mind that sometimes simply cleaning your system and placing it in an area where it could receive better ventilation could also do wonders for you.

Incompatible Or Outdated Graphics Card: Why Your PC Is Lagging

As stated previously, if gamers want their newest games to perform in a stable environment, they will need to make sure their PCs are up to the task.

With new technologies such as Ray Tracing making a big impact in how developers want their titles to be presented, older cards, such as the popular GTX 1060, are starting to be cast aside, and as such, not being the standard anymore.

Why Your PC Is Lagging: Incompatible Or Outdated Graphics Card

Gamers need to always keep an eye on the minimum and recommended specs to have an idea on which cards better suit their needs and wallets.

If you’re starting to deal with low FPS even while lowering the visuals and resolution, then it might be time for an upgrade.

The good news is that since the chip shortage has been getting better for the past couple of years, most PC components are starting to have more reasonable prices once again.

Picture this: you boot up your high-end PC excited for another night of intense gaming sessions, and then all of sudden things start taking too long to load, games start underperforming and even the most menial tasks make your computer freeze.

Why Is Your PC Lagging: Software-Related Causes Of PC Lag

If this is happening constantly, then it is a sign that some software could be making your system struggle.

It is time to check out for:

  • Background processes and resource-intensive programs
  • Outdated or incompatible software and drivers

Background Processes And Resource-Intensive Programs: Why Your PC Is Lagging

Often easy to miss, most gamers tend to download a bunch of programs that, while might be important, start draining the necessary resources their system needs the most while gaming.

Why Your PC Is Lagging: Background Processes And Resource-Intensive Programs

Closing programs such as torrent trackers, gaming clients and other tools like Discord or even CurseForge could help you a lot.

Alternatively, using ExitLag is a much quicker and safer way to deal with lag issues on your PC due our tools being able to optimize the specs on your computer, and even finding the best network traffic routes, providing a much smoother experience.

Outdated Or Incompatible Software And Drivers: Why Your PC Is Lagging

A way most developers are trying to make sure their games run well enough on most systems nowadays is partnering up GPU developers to release drivers close to the launch of their titles.

Why Your PC Is Lagging: Outdated Or Incompatible Software And Drivers

Every time a new game is bound to release, make sure to check the control panel of your graphics card as it is bound to have a new driver update that will make sure the game will run well enough.

Playing with high ping is one of the most frustrating experiences gamers deal with whenever they’re jumping into a new match online.

Why Your PC Is Lagging: Network-Related Causes of PC Lag

You could have the best skills in the world and it would all be rendered useless if you have to deal with lag. Be sure to keep an eye open when dealing with these issues:

  • Slow internet connection or high latency
  • Network congestion or interference
  • Router or modem issues

Slow Internet Connection Or High Latency: Why Your PC Is Lagging

If you’re playing a match and then all of a sudden your shots start missing, enemies keep teleporting away or if any interaction with someone else takes way longer than it should, you’re probably dealing with high ping.

Why Your PC Is Lagging: Slow Internet Connection Or High Latency

The best thing to do in these situations is to always contact your ISP and make sure everything should be fine on their end, as sometimes they could be performing maintenance or undergoing a network stress test which could be affecting all users, not just yourself.

Network Congestion Or Interference: Why Your PC Is Lagging

If you live in a household where multiple people have access to the same network device, you’re bound to deal with some network traffic congestion sooner or later.

Whenever users start using intensive tasks such as watching something on streaming services, downloading programs or even playing another game, the overall quality of your bandwidth will decrease.

Why Your PC Is Lagging: Network Congestion Or Interference

Some efficient methods to combat this could be simply turning off your Wi-Fi connection, so that you don’t have to compete for bandwidth against other users or limiting the speed per device connected to the network so that you could all still share the same internet access.

Router Or Modem Issues: Why Your PC Is Lagging

A common issue with users that rely on Wi-Fi connection to use the internet is that they tend to not have a router strong enough to send wireless signal across their entire household, and as such have weaker signal strength.

Why Your PC Is Lagging: Router Or Modem Issues

Sometimes you could be even using a wired ethernet cable, and while your modem says everything should be working correctly, your system might not be receiving any kind of connection.

Whenever this happens, it is recommended to turn off your router for about 10 minutes and then plug it back once again.

While this might sound of fashioned, you would be shocked with how many issues go away once you simply reset your hardware.

Diagnosing PC Lag: Why Your PC Is Lagging

There is nothing more frustrating than desperately researching how to solve an issue and feeling lost on how to proceed.

Thankfully, many users have developed tools to assist one another when it comes to fixing whatever problem you might be dealing with on your PC.

Why Your PC Is Lagging: Diagnosing PC Lag

Here's a couple of steps you could take to make the troubleshooting process easier:

  • Identifying the source of lag through performance monitoring tools
  • Using ExitLag to analyze network metrics to identify and resolve lag issues
  • Seeking professional help if needed or ExitLag team

Identifying The Source Of Lag Through Performance Monitoring Tools

One of the best aspects of PC gaming is that you can generally modify and inspect every little detail about your system.

Simply opening up the resource monitor by typing ‘’resmon’’ on the search bar will give you a multitude of data about how your computer is operating.

Why Your PC Is Lagging: Identifying The Source Of Lag Through Performance Monitoring Tools

Alternatively, a program such as HW Monitor will give users all sorts of information in an instant such as usage of components, RPM speed of fans and most importantly, the temperature of each and every working part of your device.

Using ExitLag To Analyze Network Metrics To Identify And Resolve Lag Issues

If you’re unable to fix whatever network issues you could be facing, using ExitLag is bound to have a strong solution for you.

Why Your PC Is Lagging: Using ExitLag To Analyze Network Metrics

Our exclusive optimization tools will make sure players can get the best routes for their preferred online games, so if your ping gets lower whenever using our applications, it could be a sign that your ISP is being inefficient.

Seeking Professional Help If Needed Or ExitLag Team

We all know that sometimes, trying to identify whatever issue your PC is having can be extremely frustrating.

For those that are less tech savvy, seeking help from experts online by navigating on online forums and such could be an efficient method as someone has probably faced the same problem before.

The ExitLag team is also here for you! If you’re still facing difficulties even after all the above then do not shy away from contacting our experts, we are here to make sure to listen to your issues and we’ll work together to solve them!

Resolving PC Lag: Practical Solutions

Now that we have gone over some of the technical issues one could be facing, let's get on to some more practical solutions that anyone could try without much trouble.

This is a list of potential actions to resolve PC lag:

  • Optimizing hardware performance
  • Upgrading RAM
  • Managing software and processes
  • Closing unnecessary programs
  • Updating Drivers
  • Cleaning dust

Optimizing Hardware Performance

The easiest way to make sure your hardware is up to the task is to make sure your games are running at appropriate settings for your specs.

Why Your PC Is Lagging

Always keep checking the minimum and recommended settings for each game and configure the graphical options accordingly. If you have a more modest PC, try lowering most options.

Upgrading RAM

Users should always make sure they’re buying a pair of sticks instead of one and it is imperative that both of them are the exact same or glitches will occur otherwise.

Why Your PC Is Lagging

Keep an eye open on the frequency of each memory RAM you’re buying.

Managing Software And Processes

Some programs are always bound to drain more resources from your computer than others.

Why Your PC Is Lagging

It is extremely important to prioritize one heavy application at a time and always keep an eye open on programs such as Resource Monitor or HW Monitor to make sure your system behaves properly.

Closing Unnecessary Programs

As stated earlier in this article, we all tend to leave a bunch of programs running in the background and it gets even worse as some store clients all tend to boot up alongside your computer even if you don’t use them.

Why Your PC Is Lagging

Closing applications you’re not going to use will always alleviate your system as it has more breathing room to use its resources in better ways.

Updating Drivers

One of the easiest ways to make sure newer games don’t suffer any hiccups (especially at launch) is to make sure all you graphics drivers are up to date.

Why Your PC Is Lagging

Simply head over to the control panel of your GPU and always download the latest driver available as it has the best settings for the latest titles.

Cleaning Dust

Keeping your computer clean is the best way to make sure you never have to deal with overheating or other cooling issues.

Why Your PC Is Lagging

Always be careful when going over your components and try not to use compressed air cans as they tend to mess with the fans on your CPU and GPU.

Simply going over with a brush should do the trick.

Advanced Techniques for PC Lag Reduction

If you’re not that into technology or simply too afraid to accidentally delete something you shouldn’t, don’t worry!

We might have the best solution for you.

ExitLag: The Ultimamte Solution To Solve Your PC Lag Issues

Whenever you open the software, you’ll see a “Diagnosis” tab.

Why Your PC Is Lagging: The Ultimamte Solution To Solve Your PC Lag Issues

This tab can help you understand where your lag is coming from, since it monitors your connection, showing info all packed up, with a graphic to better illustrate it.

To use it is very simple: just activate the button on the top left, next to ExitLag’s logo.

With this feature, you can track packet loss and lag spikes.

ExitLag Provides Advanced Network Optimization Features

If you’re a gamer seeking high-performance network connections and lag has been getting on your nerves recently, don’t worry: ExitLag is here to help you get back on track while playing.

Why Your PC Is Lagging: Advanced Network Optimization Features

Our software has some amazing features that can help you enhance your connection, such as Multipath Connection, an ExitLag exclusive technology, that will guarantee you the best connection route.

ExitLag also has a FPS Boost, a free feature that will optimize some of your Windows’ processes. This way you’ll get some extra FPS.

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